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Nun auch verlinkbar im Blog: https://fairmondo.uk/2017/01/we-need-a-bigger-video-micro-crowdfund-is-go


Hab 2 Videos auf Youtube entdeckt:

“Fairmondo visit Suma” (Bob fährt im Auto und erklärt was, mir ist nicht anz klar, um was es geht…) Erklärvideo


tl;dr: FM UK hat 2000 Pfund gewonnen:


Auch aus UK gibt’s wieder Neues: Das kam als Mail an die Marktplatz-Nutzern und auch die Newsletter-Abonnenten:

Hello fairmondo user
2017 is proving to be a busy year for fairmondo.uk.

In February we won the first digiden competition at the hugely inspiring international Open 2017 conference at Goldsmiths. This secured £2000 and four days of mentoring from The Cooperative Bank to help with platform and business development. We also ran a mini crowdfund and raised just under £500 to help fund a crowdfund video from Blake House Cooperative Filmmakers.

We hope to run our next crowdfund in May/June of this year. This will enable us to bring much needed improvements to the marketplace, such as, enabling bulk inventory upload for professional sellers and a multi item check out for buyers. More details coming soon.

We will also be using funds to convert from a workers coop to multi-stakeholder coop: where each type of user has membership and a say in how the coop develops.

In the meantime sharetribe platform (the code that powers our marketplace) will continue to be available.

If you have suggestions for any improvements or developments please drop us a line.

Viva cooperation


Fairmondo Development Team

Essenz daraus: 2000 Pfund gewonnen (Siehe oben), knapp 500 Pfund ge-mini-crwodfundet, für CF-Video; Mai/Juni soll dann das “richtige” Crowdfunding kommen.

Und: Die UK Geno soll umgestellt werden: " workers coop to multi-stakeholder coop: " -> also am Ende dann wohl sowas wie wir haben (jeder (user) kann Mitglied sein, nicht nur die Mitarbiter*innen).

Man beachte auch:

much needed improvements to the marketplace, such as, enabling bulk inventory upload for professional sellers and a multi item check out for buyers.

-> also CSV-Schnittstelle und Multi-Warenkorb. (Was die FM-Software schon seit Jahren(?) hat!) :wink:


Gerade entdeckt: Fairmondo UK verkauft inzwischen auch auf FairMarket:



Kürzlich kam mal wieder ein FM-UK Newsletter (von Sharetribe, also die Marktplatz-Nutzer). den ich hier gern mit Euch teile:


We still consider our best hope of success is to deploy Fairmondo Germany’s software in the UK.
Etwa “Wir denken immernoch, dass insere besten Aussichten auf Erfolg in der FM-Software liegen”.

Hier der ganze Text:

Fairmondo UK based on using the Sharetribe platform has reached a fork in the road and we have had to think about the direction of travel:

Sharetribes development strategy is to focus on shareable assets - for example Studio Time - and not a multi-vendor marketplace suitable for “goods” capable of meeting the needs of professional sellers or the expectations of consumers. We think this has been evident in near absence of transactions on Sharetribe,

User numbers are close to the trigger point where subscription fees will increase and we do not have the financial resources.

For these reasons we (Worth Cooperating) have decided to withdraw from Sharetribe and take a different road to develop the Fairmondo concept in the UK. The current platform will become unavailable on 8th May.

The different road is described in our latest position paper (copy and paste the link)


Essentially, we feel there is still an unmet need for a cooperatively owned marketplace for ethical goods and services in the UK to connect people and enterprises who wish to trade around a wider set of values that care for the earth, people and are fundamentally fair. We still consider our best hope of success is to deploy Fairmondo Germany’s software in the UK. However, this requires us to build a development team of Pioneers who can devote time and energy to the project, a wider membership base and also find the necessary funds.

To make this possible and to embed our values in the project Fairmondo UK is now itself incorporated as a Cooperative Society with multi-stakeholder cooperative rules. Copy and paste the link below to see rules.


Fairmondo UK is now open to pioneering people who would like to become members in the next stage of this journey.

Please enquire about membership and how to participate using this email address. We hope to be organising our first gathering of Pioneer members later in the summer.

If you wish to unsubscribe from future emails about Fairmondo UK please use this email address to let us know.

Thank you for your support and commitment so far - if you have any ideas, comments or insights please do contact us or post on facebook page.


Richard, Bob, Henry, Jack



Beim Faimondo UK passiert irgendwas?! "Today we go LIVE! "

und auch sonnst scheinen die gerade kräftig am Twittern zu sein!?


Ist noch war dran, was bei FairmondoUK so passiert?
Ich hab schon länger nicht mehr aktive nachgeschaut, und meine auch kein Newsletter o.Ä. bekommen zu haben…

Aber: im Fediverse hat sie grade jemand (:wink: ) erwähnt: