Transparent supply chains with Provenance

Hi to all,
I´m writing this proposal in english as it references to an international London based project Provenance
They describe themself as social enterprise which want to start a digital revolution for transparent supply chains. (German "Lieferketten).
Their goal is to create a worlwide decentraliced database for tracking products from raw materials through the different productions steps till the shop for the final customer. It may also covers the reccycling of the product.
The technology concept behind Provenance has the goal both to integrate traditional certifications for e.g. organic and fairtrade products as a bottom up possibilties, for small business to make their supply chain transparent without the big certification players.
See e.g an example for project based in Taiwan, Portugal and UK to produce boardshorts (German Badehosen) from fabric made of reccycled plastic bottles:

A midterm goal could be, that fairmondo offers to members, which are also sellers on the fairmondo platform, the Provenance tools directly integrated into the fairmondo market.

A short time goal would be, that fairmondo creates an Provenance Pro Account This would cost 29 UK Pounds a month. The Account could be closed monthly.
It allows to invite collaboraters to create product stories like the reccycled boardtrousers.
I would sponsor a Provenance Pro Account for 6 months, if at least 3 sellers at fairmondo, which are also fairmondo members say: this is something cool I want to try.
In this case, the product story would be created with online tools from Provenance and than integrated in the fairmondo product description as a normal Link. No need for fairmondo to change anything in the marketplace.

Technical Background for programmers:
Provenance uses the Ethereum Blockchain as Backend for their decentralized database.

fairmondo member and regular fairmondo shopper

PS: Please answer in english, that also people outside from germany incl. the Provenance team can give feedback.

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This database definitely sounds interesting. As you apparently had a closer look at it: Can you describe, how it works? For example, I am considering to sell laptop computers on fairmondo. As a start, these would be produced by a German manufacturer, which however buys the parts from companies around the world, most important, China. They tell me, they can’t change a lot on how their component suppliers do the work, as they are relatively small. They certainly won’t tell me, where they get the parts from. So I cannot offer these information. How does it end up in the database?


Hi Sascha,
The database is currently in a very early status. For all members of the supply chain, it is voluntary to be part of it. In your case you could only put in your direct supplier from which you order. If your suppliers are not willing to give more information, than the Provenance database can´t help you in the current moment.
May be in future, we will see chinese companies being active on Provenance, so that you could find a supplier there.
For the first step, you may could look for a german manufacturer, who is willing to cooperate. Or you ask the people from fairphone, if they could recommend a manufacturer or suppliers.
Another interesting project is als the fair Computer Mouse:


Not having checked any links, just from reading your post, I think this could be a good idea!

Do you have any Fairmondo sellers in mind allready? If you have, maybe try asking them directly what they think of your idea! (-> better than waiting for them to find and read this post).

Hi Jo1,
I use fairmondo currently only to buy regularly books. So I have no Fairmondo sellers in mind.
But I will update this thread, I have news from provenance.